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Pest, vermin & rodent control products, prevention and removal services.

Rodent control & contracts

Ant & Flea treatments

The control and eradication of Ants & Fleas with Bait Stations, Insecticides,  Insect Proofing, Luminous Ranges, Insect Monitor Units

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Wasp & Hornet control
Rats and mice can contaminate and spread diseases, which can be harmful to humans. They can also cause damage by chewing cables and structures. We have several product and service solutions for your rodent problemBeing stung by wasps or hornets is not a pleasant experience. Some people are allergic to stings and can in some cases be life threatening. We can offer same day service/callout for this type of control
Mole treatments Crop storage protection
Moles damage lawns and agricultural land by digging hills and tunnels. The hills cause nuisance to lawns and flowerbeds while tunnels damage the roots of plantsA wide range of solutions to suit your particular environment and needs - please contact us for more details.
Bird proofingRabbit proofing, netting & gassing
Birds can cause a lot of damage, their droppings damage buildings/premises and can spread diseases. we can provide an effective solution to your problemRabbits have increased considerably in number in the last few years, especially in the countryside. Rabbits cause a lot of damage to river/railway embankments, Trees, agricultural land, gardens etc

Pestwest Electronic Fly Killers

Killsect-Rodentkill are Uk sales agents for PestWest Electronics  fly control units. Their company policy is to design and manufacture units that have been submitted and received European standard approvals. All units are built from the highest quality components, which ensures that the units are built to last, with excellent rigidity and are easy to clean.

Ultra Low Volume Treatments (ULV) - The modern, effective approach to pest control.

"Ultra Low Volume Spraying utilises the minimum volume of'
insecticide formulation required to produce the desired biological effect with maximum economy”

Q: What ULV treatments are available and what will it control?

A: Insecticide treatments for red mite, poultry mite, flour mite, grain mite, grain beetle, flour beetle in silos, storage and milling areas. Parlours, cattle holding yards for flies, cockroaches, fleas….. the list goes on and on....
Sanitising treatments to kill bacteria, fungi, and algae in empty silos and ducting systems. Deodorant air freshener for use in cinemas, theatres, hotels etc

ULV Treatment is Approved for food storage practice and animal husbandry.
Animals need not be removed before, after or during treatment!

Q: How does ULV work?
A: ULV applicators provide good penetration of insecticides into harbourages and cracks and crevices. The droplets are carried in on the air currents and insects are flushed out into contact with more insecticide.
Conventional high volume spraying may leave an unsightly deposit of insecticide and offensive odours. ULV technique leaves no visible deposit and will not stain, it is therefore ideal in situations where other insecticide application methods cannot be used. Furthermore, as it treats the whole area, insects cannot avoid encountering insecticide deposits.
The treatment time is very short, for instance a room in an average house requires under 10 second application time, the droplets produced fall out of the air in approximately 1 hour from the end of treatment. Any treated area can be
re-entered after this time.
The future for this type of application seems assured. The possibility of application where an operator need not come in contact with pesticides at all is attractive. Furthermore, continued development of novel compounds such as insect growth regulators, where application rates may be very low seem very well suited to this type of treatment.

Q: Where can ULV be used?
A: Ultra low volume applications of insecticides allow treatment of large spaces, such as warehouses, food stores and bakeries against flying and crawling insects. They are also ideal for treating difficult areas such as sub floor spaces, roof voids and chimneys.
The insecticide cannot be applied to raw or processed food, but it can be used in areas where food is bagged or covered. The product can be applied in food factories providing machinery and food preparation surfaces are wiped down after application.

Suggested areas of use include:
Domestic and commercial flea treatmentsRefuse tipsDomestic and commercial kitchens
Hospitals (but not occupied wards)Ship and aircraft holds and cabinsFarm buildings
DairiesSilosInside cars, lorries, vans, trains, and buses
ChimneysCinemas and theatresRoof and floor voids
Ducting SystemsFreight containersOffices
Factories and millsFood producing companiesZoos
KennelsPrisonsand many more!
The list of applications is far greater than most people imagine. ULV can be used in almost every situation where insect control is required, although it may be used as part of a control programme.

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